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when online scrolling I notice other Accountants' promotions details of course.

Today I glanced upon The Digital Accountant who are all digital interaction on the cloud for a service `as lean as can be' --- gosh I think I must be outdated as I like to link with client-friends for coffee-meets and (in present Covid-lockdowns) phone-chats.

I look in trepidation at the Fee level indicators, and note they are $$$ more expensive .

I will stay as I am : #keithmichaelaccounts #brightonaccounts #brightontax #sussexbusiness #brightonbusiness

Anyhow, I will post their details here as thats fair in mentioning them here : #thedigitalaccountant

The wording I was referencing is here :

We took everything we hate about traditional accountancy practices and turned them on its head. Gone are outdated processes and legacy systems, replaced with streamlined, automated tasks that utilise the latest technology. The Digital Accountant is designed to operate for the world we live in today; 100% in the Cloud allowing for maximum flexibility for our team and our clients. ​What we save in overheads we pass on to you. Gone is the traditional time-based billing method, that leaves you open to a surprise bill for a meeting or phone call. In its place is scalable, 100% bespoke packages of support for each client without any hidden fees. Everything you need as a business is all rolled up into a single monthly fee. All of our consultants collaborate online, and we manage our clients' projects in a way that is as lean as can be. You will have full access to our online portal, meaning you can see what is happening in real-time, giving you complete control of your business' finances.

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+ dont forget to dance after each business-day of being magnificent ... #keithmichaelaccounts #brightonaccountant #brightonbusiness #sussexbusiness

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